Random Thoughts

What I Learned About Life & Money From Binge-Watching The Revenant.

I’m here. I’ll be right here. But you don’t give up. You hear me? As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe, keep breathing. Shallow breath that accompanies overwhelming grief, is as heavy as glass-jagged ice that packs arteries deep in earth’s wilderness. Cut channels form and wind through an eternity of […]

10 Questions to ask your Adviser. Right Now. Today.

He was annoyed with me after a while. He said I asked too many questions.” It’s tough for me to imagine speaking these words to a client or anyone seeking guidance. I don’t have the guts. Or the hubris. Or the stupidity. I wonder about (and I’m thankful) for complacency among some advisers. It allows […]

How To Survive a Retirement: The 3 Questions.

In the AMC’s hit drama “The Walking Dead,” where the world is overrun by rotting corpses with a desire to feed on the living, there’s something even greater to fear. The survivors. Staying alive in a post-apocalyptic society appears to bring out the worst of what’s left of humanity. People are ruthless killers. Strength in […]

Five Lessons from an Urban Supermarket.

Random Thoughts of a Money Muse Damn you Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Detectives: Damn you all to hell! The first/best “DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!” ever. The original “Planet of the Apes.” I believe Hollywood has had the balls to remake this film like three times.  Eckhart Tolle, known as the “father of inner […]

Three Financial Lies that can Reset or Ruin your Retirement.

A version of this writing appears in MarketWatch’s Retirement Weekly. The financial sector still gets a bad rap. Seven years after the financial crisis. Justifiably so. In his 2013 book “Finance & The Good Society,” economist Robert Shiller describes a utopia where finance can benefit today’s society. He identifies how financial innovations of the past, […]

Rules To Live & Die By: Life, Money & Otherwise.

I appreciate rules. Rules derived from the heart and mind have saved me. Rules, forged from experience, can safeguard precious resources – financial and otherwise. They will protect you from losing your pants. Naked rules are best. Pure, simple, raw. Here are mine. What are yours? Random Thoughts: Part I: Life Rules. If a woman […]