Money Management

Clarity’s money management services are centered on three model portfolios that were designed and developed by our team. Each portfolio represents a baseline asset allocation model. This means that each can be fully customized for a client’s behavioral risk profile and the current macro-economic environment, using advanced fundamental and technical market analysis. Our models are designed to provide flexibility based on current economic and market conditions.

The following are Clarity’s MarketPulse Model Portfolios:

  • Clarity RiskReduction Portfolio
    • 25% Growth
    • 5% Opportunistic
    • 15% Diversification Plus
    • 55% Defensive
  • Clarity HomeBase Portfolio
    • 40% Growth
    • 10% Opportunistic
    • 20% Diversification Plus
    • 30% Defensive
  • Clarity RiskExpansion Portfolio
    • 50% Growth
    • 15% Opportunistic
    • 30% Diversification Plus
    • 5% Defensive

At Clarity, our planning is goals-based and centered on meeting your financial objectives. Your Clarity team advisor has the expertise and experience to “slide” or tilt your personal allocation in the Clarity portfolio to reflect your personal preferences, current stock market values and the returns required to successfully reach your specific financial goals.

To implement your asset allocation strategy, Clarity uses low cost exchange-traded funds, no-load mutual funds or institutional money management. We follow a buy-rebalance-sell discipline where portfolios are rebalanced based on specific, academic-based rules. Your personalized, customized allocations are reviewed by our staff at a minimum of every 60 days to determine rebalancing opportunities.

Reflecting our commitment to serving our clients, your Clarity team can rebalance your portfolio in case of a major life event, such as a death, marriage or divorce. We will respond quickly to your situation and help guide you during this critical time.